About Me

FARA, the Vancouver-based multi-disciplinary artist, embodies captivating force through transcendent emotions shaped by pure eccentricity. Raised in Singapore, her early memories resonate with the melodies of her family's traditional Malay musical heritage. Collaborating with local talents in Vancouver, FARA quickly gained a reputation for crafting irresistible hooks. Her debut single featured on a CBC reality show, providing a glimpse into her true artistic calling. A notable milestone in 2016 saw her sharing the stage with R&B icons 112 and Ginuwine, enriching her musical journey.

In 2018, FARA collaborated with vocal coach Seth Riggs, emphasizing her commitment to musical excellence. She views music as therapeutic, a reflection of her journey, and a voice for those who resonate with her words. In June 2019, she released her EP "About Me," a six-track collection delving into the intricate mind of a contemporary woman. The standout single, "Hello Goodbye ft. Dkay," resonated in the local Vancouver community, adding emotional depth to the EP. Collaborating with Jonny Tobin on "BEACHSIDE" marked a significant moment, expanding her fanbase globally and introducing her latest release, "SOUL," to prominent Spotify playlists in Asia.

FARA's magnetic stage presence has graced audiences in Los Angeles and Vancouver. Beyond performances, she has engaged in vocal workshops, achieved recognition as a top streamer, and harmonized with Musqueam Indigenous artists at Rogers Arena. Fueled by an unyielding work ethic, FARA consistently surpasses her peers in dedication. Her journey includes collaborations on captivating music videos, creatively directed in Toronto and LA, adding depth to her artistic ventures. Blessed with the gift of song and radiating innate elegance, FARA stands as a holistic embodiment of the world of music.